Documentation and installation guides to setup various containers runtimes environements including docker, docker Enterprise, podman, s2i, kubernetes and openshift Enterprise.


This project is focused on providing a set of guideline and scripts ready to use to help auditor geting various container environments. Theses runtimes are ready to use and users can immediatly run various container deployment scenarios using simple or advanced features according to the engine you used.


  • Developpers who whant to start building containers with an easy to setup environment
  • Architects who need to POC CI/CD chains, Software manufacturing workflows as well as Private PaaS or CaaS evaluations
  • DevOps teammate who need to quickly have a simple or complete Contaienr stack ready to use for the project
  • Infrastructure administrator who want to test a new release feature in a sandbox environment to perform test and identify impacts and benefits of next releases of their containers runtimes.

Provided engines

Before following one of theses container engine installation guide, read carefully our system guide to get informations on supported infrastructure plateforms and operating systems.

Engine Guide Physical infra. Virtual infra. AWS infra.
Docker install guide single host single host single host
Podman install guide single host single host single host
S2I install guide single host single host single host
DockerEE install guide single host cluster cluster
Kubernetes install guide single host cluster cluster
Openshift install guide single host cluster cluster



Is a description and filesystem using OS virtualization (shared kernel) and leverage advanced OS features (cgroup, namespace, selinux) to provide a portable and flexible way to execute various application runtimes.

Container Runtime

Set of tools used to execute container as defined in the OCI runtime-spec

Container image

Set of files containing a full filesystem ready to be excuted. Metadata files embed within the image describe how to execute this container as expected by his creator. The files content and structure is defined in the OCI image-spec.

Container engine

Solution allowing to run container using multiple compute nodes and providing a clusterized way to run multiples containers in a high-availability environement.


The Open Container Initiative (OCI) is a Linux Foundation project to define open specifications for Containers images (image-spec) and runtimes (runtime-spec).


This project is developped and maintained by the startx dev team. This project is part of the startx container image project who provide application containers running the same way in OS environments including Fedora (26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, rawhide), Centos (6, 7, 8), Alpine 3 as well as UBI 8.


This project is licensed under the GPL Version 3 - see the Licence file for more details.